ShepHertz GDPR Resources


At ShepHertz we strongly believe that the customers should have complete control and trust over their stored information on our servers. In order to do so, we take every step towards optimal security and tight privacy standards, and that includes compliance with General Data Protection Regulation(GDPR).

The regulation which ensures that control of personal data—collected by any business—is with the end consumer it belongs to, while protecting the rights of EU residents. With this regulation coming in, the end consumers would be empowered to restrict the usage of their personal information and all the privacy and security laws will be unified for all the organizations operating within the EU.

Term List:

  • Data Subject: End Consumers
  • Data Controller: ShepHertz Customers
  • Data Processor: ShepHertz


  1. ShepHertz – GDPR Readiness
  2. Updated Terms of Use
  3. Updated Privacy Policy
  4. legal/gdpr-resources/gdpr-updates-in-shephertz-product-line.php”>GDPR Updates in ShepHertz Product Line