Seamless & Connected
Omni-Channel Experience Delivered.

Accelerate Digitization in Banking Industry & Gain Competitive Advantage


  • Launch growth hack viral campaigns using in-app referrals on WhatsApp, Facebook & Twitter
  • Cross promotion of the main app in your other or partner apps
  • Sharing of happy moments on all social media platforms


  • Monitor activities across channels with real-time analytics to get deep insights & take contextual actions
  • Multiple options for delivering the most compelling, highly personalized messages across every relevant channel
  • Notify sales reps as soon as a customer clicks on a particular banner or screen for immediate engagement
  • Geotargeting campaigns for Tier 1 cities, Tier 2 cities and so on
  • Create a geo-fence around banks and ATMs and target customers entering, dwelling or exiting with relevant offers
  • Target users who have uninstalled the app or have become dormant with Facebook remarketing
  • Secure banking transactions on social media platforms such as Twitter through direct messages


  • Assign achievement badges to users based on the size/frequency/type of their transactions
  • Reward points based on the number of transactions made on the app
  • Implement small quizzes to increase the users’ financial management knowledge
  • Reward the customers with an exclusive consultation with a financial advisor
Predictive Marketing

Predictive Marketing

  • Classify users based on their propensity to do a particular action or churn
  • Divide users into buckets of low, medium and high likelihood of doing a particular action and launch campaigns accordingly
  • Detect fraudulent behavior and anomalies and take preventive actions
Predictive Marketing

Partner Integration

  • Opening up resources to online banking marketplaces
  • Integrate with agents, brokers, third party apps
  • Integrate legacy applications for B2E apps and MIS reporting
  • Expose APIs for app developers, for instance, secure wallet APIs
Partner Integration


In-App Referrals

One-stop-shop solution for Enterprises, no need for multiple service providers

Omni Channel Devices

In context seamless transition of consumers across omni-channel devices

Build Apps

Choose from public/dedicated cloud, hybrid or on-premise services

Cloud Services

Reduce time to market from months to days

Protected Resources

Launch complex use cases instantly without depending on the development team

Actionable Big Data

Excellent customer service with 24×7 support and committed SLAs

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