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  • Allow users to invite friends from their phonebook for better competition
  • Social connect to add friends and share leaderboards across social media platforms
  • Allow hints, in-app items and other help in exchange of new users with in-app referrals
Predictive Marketing

Predictive Marketing

  • Forecast the propensity of uninstalls and bring these users back with targeted campaigns
  • Gain insights on the levels/screens your users will get stuck and push relevant info to them
  • Taking behavioral attributes into account optimize and enhance games to drive better conversions and in-app purchases
Predictive Marketing


  • Inspire the gamers to play more, win more and always stay on top in social leaderboards
  • Reward the players with incentives, tokens, or extra lives on completing any gaming event
  • Get them to compete with their friends by inviting them from social media platforms
  • Enable social sharing of all the moments, achievements or on completing any major event


  • A/B test push notifications to experiment and track which variant drives better open rates
  • Grow your revenue with quick and easy implementation of in-app purchases
  • Diminish cart abandonments by sending right message at the right time to ensure consistent purchases


  • Never lose the interest of your users by launching campaigns on all channels including push, email and in-app messages
  • Target the users who have uninstalled the game on Facebook with attractive offers to bring them back
  • Predict the propensity of the users to uninstall the game and send personalized notifications to re-engage them


  • Implement real-time communication in your apps/games
  • With room/lobby logic, allow players to choose rooms of their choice based on various parameters
  • Quick recovery of last interrupted session
  • Reduced latency with auto connection to the nearest geo location
  • Extended support to over 18 platforms including Android, iOS, Unity, Cocos2Dx, Cocos2D, Corona, Marmalade, etc
  • Enable quick play mode with match making
  • Ability to host your own customized game server to build your custom logic for PvPs, casino style card games and many other games


In-App Referrals

One-stop-shop solution for Enterprises, no need for multiple service providers

Omni Channel Devices

In context seamless transition of consumers across omni-channel devices

Build Apps

Choose from public/dedicated cloud, hybrid or on-premise services

Cloud Services

Reduce time to market from months to days

Protected Resources

Launch complex use cases instantly without depending on the development team

Actionable Big Data

Excellent customer service with 24×7 support and committed SLAs

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