Leverage User Data to Deliver
Personalized Content Across Channels

Optimize trends & Target Users on Omni-channels for Better Engagement


  • Run virality campaigns using in-app referrals to acquire more users
  • Allow sharing of content and gamification events on social media platforms
  • Enable users to invite their friends from phonebook for seamless sharing of content
Predictive Marketing

Predictive Marketing

  • Boost customer lifetime value by predicting & recommending the kind of content they would want to interact with regardless of their segmentation
  • Forecast the propensity of the users to make purchases and launch marketing campaigns to influence their moves
  • Improve retention by predicting the tendency of the users to uninstall the app and retain with targeted marketing campaigns
Predictive Marketing


  • Recommend related content to users based on item similarity and user similarity
  • Revive engagement with dormant users with notifications across all channels such as mobile, web, IoT, social, SMS
  • Grow revenue by launching coupon campaigns on special occasions such as Valentine’s Day
  • With real-time analytics, optimize marketing for for genre based campaigns
  • Target each customer with contextually relevant notification, like, sending an in-app message of a new release of their favorite content section
  • Geo-target users based on their regional interests
  • Analyze your users’ browsing pattern and preferred channel for personalized campaigns


  • Induce competitive spirit with social leaderboards based on content sharing, maximum downloads or top purchasers
  • Implement buddy management to allow users to seamlessly share content in their buddy list
  • Introduce real-time in-app chat for content discussion
  • Enable users to gift content to their buddies
  • Provide achievement badges based on the frequency of interaction with the content, like, give users who frequently reads about movies the badge of Movie Buff
  • Launch competitions for the users with their buddies

Partner Integration

  • Securely expose the protected resources as APIs for integration with the other apps
  • Partner with brands with seamless and direct integration
  • Leverage data and content for monetization with partners
Partner Integration


In-App Referrals

One-stop-shop solution for Enterprises, no need for multiple service providers

Omni Channel Devices

In context seamless transition of consumers across omni-channel devices

Build Apps

Choose from public/dedicated cloud, hybrid or on-premise services

Cloud Services

Reduce time to market from months to days

Protected Resources

Launch complex use cases instantly without depending on the development team

Actionable Big Data

Excellent customer service with 24×7 support and committed SLAs

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