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Omni-Channel Retail Experience.

We empower you with much more.


  • Launch viral marketing campaigns with in-app referrals and turn customers into marketers
  • Influence users to share purchases and free gifts on social media platforms
  • Enable users to invite their buddies for real-time discussion and shopping


  • Analyze your users’ specific characteristics, interests, and activities to differentiate between who’s making a purchase and who’s just window shopping
  • Influence the journey of your users with in-app notification campaigns
  • Reduce cart abandonment by sending right push notifications at the right time
  • Empower in-store sales reps with internal apps to make shopping more convenient
  • Recommend other products to your users based on item similarity and user similarity


  • Based on user data, forecast the customers’ propensity the likelihood of making a purchase or propensity of churn
  • Be a step ahead of your users by launching campaigns on the activities they haven’t even done yet
  • Categorize the customers based on their expenditure bracket and send personalized push notifications for better conversions
Predictive Marketing
Partner Integration


  • Enable integration of CRM, accounting, billing, marketing and other legacy systems to expose them as APIs
  • Expose APIs securely to introduce digital wallets to help customers jump the long queues with quick payments
  • Superior inventory management by integrating internal app with all the vendors and other regional stores
Partner Integration


  • Assign achievement badges to customers based on their activities, for instance, shopaholic, shopper of the month, etc
  • Incentivize or reward users if anyone in their contact list makes a purchase
  • Make shopping more fun by enabling users to add their buddies and exchange messages in real-time
  • Induce competitive spirit with social leaderboards such as top spender of the month, top products, etc.


In-App Referrals

One-stop-shop solution for Enterprises, no need for multiple service providers

Omni Channel Devices

In context seamless transition of consumers across omni-channel devices

Build Apps

Choose from public/dedicated cloud, hybrid or on-premise services

Cloud Services

Reduce time to market from months to days

Protected Resources

Launch complex use cases instantly without depending on the development team

Actionable Big Data

Excellent customer service with 24×7 support and committed SLAs

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